Groups of eight heifers in every pen.The College of Agricultural Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison operates the largest dedicated dairy replacement heifer research facility in the world.  The Integrated Dairy Replacement Heifer Research Facility is home to unique research facilities which generate unique and cutting edge management practices.  Tour guests will see the over 80 replicated pens of heifers generating new information on genomics, limit feeding, nutrient management, variance control, alternative forages and heifer grazing systems.

The North Farm campus is open to the public, Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, during office hours.  The Station is closed to the public on weekends.  It is recommended that all tours be pre-arranged; however, if time permits, walk-in tours can be accommodated.  All tour groups must stop in and register at the Administrative Office.

To schedule a tour of the UW-Marshfield Ag Research Station north farm campus, please call 715-687-4624 or email the Station.

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