Tour # 1 – Heifers on the Edge

Groups of eight heifers in every pen.The College of Agricultural Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison operates the largest dedicated dairy replacement heifer research facility in the world.  The Integrated Dairy Replacement Heifer Research Facility is home to unique research facilities which generate unique and cutting edge management practices.  Tour guests will see the over 80 replicated pens of heifers generating new information on genomics, limit feeding, nutrient management, variance control, alternative forages and heifer grazing systems.


Tour # 2 – Production Agriculture; An Interactive Student Tour

This tour package is suggested for groups that want to learn more about agriculture in general.  Select up to four of the eight interactive tour options listed.

1.       Farm Machinery

2.       Milk Quality and Production

3.       Dairy Animals

4.       Feeding Dairy Cattle

5.       Veterinary Health

6.       Agronomy

7.       Soil Science

8.       Research and the Dairy Cow


Tour # 3 – Give Cow Poop a Chance.

Liquid Manure ApplicationWisconsin needs to be a State that is safe for cows but likewise it is important to have a state safe from cows.  This tour explores the activities of USDA Scientists, UW-Soil Scientists as well as UW-Biological Systems Engineers working on new and improved methods to manage dairy farm nutrients.  Tour participants may view paired watershed research, manure and nutrient management research and view what pathogens move about on a modern dairy farm.


Tour # 4 – UW Agricultural Research

Our learning facilityThis tour is designed for general audiences whom wish to have a general tour of a modern dairy farm and explore agricultural research programs conducted at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  The tour provides an overview of dairy, agronomy and nutrient management research activities.


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