Pasture Study 2014

Marshfield Mission and Objectives


The UW-Madison Marshfield Agricultural Research Station facilitates and conducts research and outreach activities that support agricultural development and natural resource conservation on the difficult-to-manage soils of north-central and northern Wisconsin.


  1. Support the viability and profitability of dairying in the region and statewide by:
    • Expanding the knowledge base necessary to improve dairy herd management;
    • Evaluating and improving dairy herd nutrition using forages and other feeds available in the region;
    • Developing and evaluating systems for forage and feed production, harvesting, handling and storage of forage and other feeds;
    • Developing and evaluating low-capital dairy production systems;
    • Alternative livestock enterprises.
  2. Solve regional agronomic production problems.
  3. Foster environmentally sound use of natural resources through activities focused on:
    • Maintaining agricultural productivity and profitability while protecting and environmental quality;
    • Developing best management practices for manure and other agricultural residues.
  4. Serve as a regional center for research and Extension activities pertinent to rural socio-economic issues including:
    • Farm safety and rural health;
    • Rural-urban relationships;
    • Farm-management financial and agribusiness issues.