MARS north campus is nestled between the cities of Marshfield and Stratford on Drake Avenue just off of County Highway C.  Extensive crop research is performed at both the north and south campuses. The MARS north campus animal research facility is home to 550 dairy heifers housed in pens of 8 animals for optimal research capability. The dairy cow barn contains a unique configuration which permits the application of 4×4 Latin square designed experiments of up to 128 dairy cows.  We pride ourselves on our meticulous care of the animals and facility making it a clean and relaxing environment for our animals and staff.

North location by Stratford

UW Marshfield Agricultural Research Station – Stratford Farm Campus
UW Madison CALS photo taken by Sevie Kenyon


The MARS south campus is located on the southeast edge of Marshfield on Yellowstone Drive. The site is shared with the USDA-Agricultural Research Service and UW-Madison Soils and Forage Analysis Laboratory (SFAL). SFAL analyzes field soil, manure and forages, lawn and garden, and turf samples. The UW Soils and Forage Analysis Laboratory is a member of the NIRS Consortium.

Marshfield location on Yellowstone Drive.

UW Marshfield Ag Research Station –  South Campus
UW Madison CALS photo taken by Sevie Kenyon