Featured Students

It’s that time of year again… MARS is welcoming their student interns for the summer. I’ll be introducing them as their biography’s trickle in.

Doug Bolen

School: Stratford High School
Year in School: 2018 Graduate
Hometown: Stratford, WI
Biography:  I am a recent graduate of Stratford High School. I have been working at Marshfield Agricultural Research Station for the last 2 years and I will be going into my third summer at the station. Over the past 2 years I’ve learned a lot about the dairy industry anything from daily operation to working with cattle. I’m excited to be working at the station again this summer to further my knowledge in different areas around the station. I plan on working in the dairy industry after high school.

Antoinette Kaiser

Major: Animal Science with an equine management emphasis
School: UW-River Falls
Year in School: 5th year
Hometown: Marshfield, WI
Biography:  This will be my second summer working at the station.  I am hoping to gain a greater knowledge of forage analysis and research.

Chelsey Hribar

B.S.: Dairy Science
M.S.: Dairy Cattle Nutrition
School:  UW Madison Graduate School – 1st year Masters Student
Hometown: Franksville, WI
Biography:  This is my second summer at the Marshfield Research Station. I am looking at how the nutritive quality and forage yields of meadow fescue and orchard grass impact heifer performance. I am also examining the correlation between the heifer’s genomics and performance on pasture.    


Brooke Bembeneck

Major: Soil and Land Management
Minor: Sustainable Energy
School: UW-Stevens Point – Recent graduate
Hometown: Stevens Point, WI
Biography:  This is my second year working at MARS. My focus for the summer is managing the heifers on pasture and collecting a wide array of soil data for a variety of research projects here on the station. I have a passion for protecting our soil and water resources and agriculture is a great place to be in order to do so. I am excited to be continuing to work at the MARS because of the work that is being done to conserve soil and water resources.


Makayla Weigel

School: UW-Marshfield/Wood County
Year in School: Sophomore
Hometown: Marshfield
Biography: After my second year at UW-Marshfield/Wood county I plan on transferring to UW-River Falls to major in Dairy Science.  I will be working at the station while I go to school at the Wood.  Since working at the Marshfield Ag Research Station I have had many new experiences compared to just working on my family farm.  I have learned to do herd health, drive skid steers, milk in a parlor and much more.  I enjoy working with everyone at the station because everyone is fun to work with, nice and good at teaching me what I need to do at work.


James Heeg

School: Stratford High School
Year in School: Junior
Hometown: Stratford
Biography: I will be a junior this upcoming year at Stratford High School.  I participate in Cross Country, Basketball and Track & Field.  I enjoy training and working hard to get better.  After high school I plan to go to college for some type of medical or engineering degree.


Larissa Kahan

Major: Botany
School: UW-Madison
Year in School: Junior
Hometown: Marathon, WI
Biography:  This is my first year working at the Marshfield Ag Research Station.  I am exploring what farming all entails, especially when it comes to rotational grazing and properly maintaining pastures.  I am hoping to gain a better understanding of the hard work that goes into maintaining a farm and I am excited to lend a hand with the ongoing research studies at the station.

Sam Schmitt

Major:  Agricultural Engineering
School:  UW River Falls
Year in School:  Sophomore
Hometown:  Colby, WI

Biography:  My goals for this summer are to learn a lot and have fun.  This internship will teach me a lot about what I want to do after college.  I am very happy I could have this experience.  My summer hobbies include fishing, coaching baseball, and playing slow pitch softball.