Featured Students

It’s that time of year again… MARS is welcoming their student interns for the summer. I’ll be introducing them as their biography’s trickle in.

Megan Christiansen is this week’s featured summer student.
This is Megan’s 3rd summer here at the Marshfield Agricultural Research Station. She has been helping collect trial data and run samples in the lab.
Major: Communication- Media Studies
School: UW-Stevens Point
Year: Senior
Hometown: Pittsville, WI
Biography: I have worked with the UW- Marshfield Agricultural Research Station for three summers. I have assisted in different and exciting projects centered on Wisconsin agriculture, and have grown a love and passion for agriculture. After I finish school I want to continue working towards my dream of working at an agricultural based radio station, spreading knowledge and excitement about agriculture.




We’d like to you to meet Marisa Klister. She will be working at the Marshfield Ag Research Station during the summer months. We are happy to have you join our team.
Major: Dairy Science
School: UW-Madison
Year: Freshman
Hometown: Greenleaf, WI
Biography: I have just completed my freshman year at the University of Wisconsin – Madison as a Dairy Science student. On campus, I am involved with the Association of Women in Agriculture, Badger Dairy Club, Track Club and PreVet Club. I grew up in Greenleaf, Wisconsin, a small town south of Green Bay. Currently, I am looking into applying to the FAVeMeds program. Which, if accepted, would allow me to enter vet school after three years of undergraduate study. I am interested in the dairy industry and have shown cattle at the Brown County Fair and the Wisconsin State Fair, in addition to helping on my grandparents farm. I want to gain research experience with this internship which I hope to carry over to next school year.




I want to introduce you to Michael Geissinger. Michael has been with us since last fall and just recently took an agronomy internship opportunity with Jason Cavadini this summer. We’re happy to have you on board with us Michael.
Major: Agronomy and Microbiology
School: Iowa State University
Year: Freshman (2016 at Iowa State)
Hometown: Marshfield, WI
Biography: I graduated from Stratford High School as a junior. I’m from a small hobby farm about 5 miles North of Marshfield, WI. Our farm has beef cattle, pigs, chickens, a dairy heifer, some turkeys on occasion and our chocolate lab Duke. We also run an innovative maple syrup operation. I chose Iowa State University to pursue my interests in Agronomy and Microbiology. I am planning to pursue a graduate degree in Plant Breeding Sciences after undergraduate school. Agronomy interests me because I’m a problem solver and love the agricultural lifestyle and diversity; everything can “stem” back to it. Some accomplishments that I’m most proud of are writing a grant that establish a community garden in Stratford to help fight local hunger; serving as FFA president for two years; earning my FFA State Degree; graduating as salutatorian (as a junior); my cross country 5k record of 21:01; and getting accepted at Iowa State University. I have been a student employee at the UW-Marshfield Ag Research Station since last fall. This work experience continues to be an avenue of opportunity for me; one that is leading me through experiences that are second to none reaching all diversity of agriculture. It has been a privilege working here. The full time agronomy research internship will truly prepare me for college and the benefits will radiate throughout my career. I can’t wait to see where this path will lead me this summer and for the years to come.




Excited to have Doug Bolen on staff with us. He came in and said he wanted to learn the animal side of farming and we said “you’ve come to the right place.” We love students like Doug!
Hello, my name is Doug Bolen and I am 16 years old. I live in Stratford, Wisconsin and attend Stratford High School where I will be a junior this year. After high school I plan on pursuing a career in agriculture. My interest in agriculture began as a kid helping on our 160 acre crop farm where I will be the third generation of now 80 years. Agriculture has always been an interest of mine and has stuck with me my whole life and has now led me to the Marshfield Ag Research Station where I want to learn the dairy industry. I am excited to work at the Research Station and am ready to learn as much as I can!



Our newest hire on the station is Ethan Fabry. Glad to have him come on board to help us through these busy summer months and into fall.
Age: 17
Hometown: Stratford
Grade level: Senior
I love football, wrestling, hunting, fishing, all outdoor activities, working with animals, and spending time with family and friends . After high school I plan on going on to school to become an electrician or maybe a medical related field.


We welcomed Makayla Weigel this summer to gear up for the college students heading back to school. Makayla isn’t sure what agricultural field she would like to pursue yet but she’s come to the right place to figure that out. We’re glad to bring you on board and hope we can help you decide which path you’d like to follow.
School: Marshfield Senior High School
Year: Senior
Hometown: Marshfield
I am currently the secretary for the Marshfield FFA. I like to be outside at my family’s farm, play sports (tennis and track & field) and hanging out with friends. I plan to pursue a career in agriculture at UW River Falls but not sure what specifically I would like to do yet.

Makayla Weigel